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Sinfonic specializes on competition in digital health. Small businesses are closer to users and can react faster to ever changing market needs. We can help you better understand your competition and target the market with a product that is better aligned for your customers. Start your business with a clear vision based on facts.

Sinfonic began developing Babyndex to fill a niche in the fertility monitor market. The gynecologist Dr Ákos Bodó was looking for an accurate home test that was affordable for low-income markets. He tried unsuccessfully to find modern, computer-assisted fertility monitors, which his patients could rent. Zajzon Bodó, an economist with an IT background, suggested automating the saliva ovulation test, which predicts the most fertile days for women who want a baby. The patients from the city of Aszód helped collect the first database of saliva samples for automation. Now they are the first users of Babyndex, with the first babies hopefully coming soon.

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